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Individualised Clinical Pilates

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Clinical Pilates adds an additional element of clinical knowledge that is applied to all of the Pilates exercises. Clinical Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise in retraining the core stabilising muscles and therefore can be used by a population of diverse individuals across all age groups to rehabilitate or to prevent further injuries.

Clinical Pilates is a mind-body intervention that focuses predominantly on core stability, posture, strength, flexibility, control, balance and breathing. Furthermore, Clinical Pilates focuses on the brains pathway to recruit and activate the right muscles used for the right muscle patterns, to create new muscle memory. This nevertheless prevents and avoids the recruitment and activation of the compensatory muscle groups.

The Benefits of Clinical Pilates include:

  • to improve core stability and posture
  • to prevent injuries
  • to improve balance, overall muscle tone and fitness
  • to achieve flatter and firmer abdominal muscles
  • to enhance breathing control
  • to increase muscular flexibility and strength
  • to aid rehabilitation
  • to restore normal movement patterns
  • to increase coordination and muscular control

In Edgewater Physiotherapy, we apply Pilates in conjunction with Physiotherapy to treat a wide range of injuries. Individual Pilates sessions are offered and taught by qualified professionals/ physiotherapists, who have successfully completed formal training in Pilates. Our goal is to meet the needs of each individual client. As a result, an individualised and targeted Clinical Pilates exercise program is prescribed for each individual client based on the clients’ assessment findings, in order to assist each client in meeting their goals and to achieve optimal results.

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